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How to Get Here

Address : 1 Senshu-kukou Kita, Izumi-Sano, Osaka Prefecture 549-0001 Japan
Tel :  +81724551111

Access to Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Public Transportations from City Centre & Major Stations

Departing from Osaka (Umeda) Station
① Take the subway and Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express Rapid train (60 minutes)
② or take the JR Line Kansai Airport Rapid train (70 minutes)

From Namba Station
Take the Nankai Electric Railway Airport Express (50 min) or Limited Express Rapid train (40 min)

From Tennoji Station
Take the JR Line Limited Express HARUKA (30 min) or The Kansai Aiport Rapid train (50 min)

From ShinOsaka Station
Take the JR Line Limited Express HARUKA (50 min) or JR Tokaido Line via Osaka Station, connected to The Kansai Aiport Rapid train (80 min)

From Kobe Station
① Take the JR Line Special Rapid Service via Osaka Station, connected to Limited Express HARUKA (90 min)
② or take the limousine bus (75 min)

From Kobe Airport
Take the high-speed boat Bay Shuttle (30 min)

From Kyoto
① Take the JR Line Limited Express HARUKA (80 min)
② or take the Hankyu Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express & Senri Line via Tengachaya, connected to Limited Express Rapid train (100 min)

From Nara
Take the JR Line Yamatoji Rapid Service via Tennoji Station, connected to either Limited Express HARUKA (75 min) or The Kansai Airport Rapid train (90 min)

From Wakayama
① Take the JR Line Kishuji Rapid Service via Hineno, connected to The Kansai Airport Rapid Service (45 min)
② or take the Nankai Electric Railway Limited Express via Izumisano, connected to Airport Line (40 min)

*underlined words are the names of railway, and italic words are the name/type of the train to take.

Guests Arriving after the Flight

From Kansai Airport Terminal 2
Please take the free airport shuttle bus between the terminal and Aeroplaza/Hotel Nikko Kansai Aiport. Walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor hotel entrance.

From Kansai Airport Terminal 1
From the second floor of the terminal, please walk through the center concourse that connects to JR Nankai train station which if you walk along straight, you will find the 2nd floor hotel entrance.

Guests Coming by Car

After passing through the bridge toll gate, look for the sign Aeroplaza as you pass the hotel entrance to access to hotel car park. Guests with room reservation can have 24 hours free access to the car parking for each night spent at hotel. Guests using restaurants, banquet, participant of the events held in hotel, attendees of hotel sponsored seminars can use the car park free of charge for maximum 4 hours.