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Enjoy Multinational Cuisines at Our Hotel

The Brasserie (2F)

Enjoy its rich selection of the fusion buffet which can be favoured by both children and the elderly.

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Chinese Restaurant Toh-Lee (2F)

Enjoy a variety of Cantonese dishes, from yamcha to authentic prix-fixe dinner.

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花ざと(Hanazato) (2F)

The delicious Japanese dishes prepared with the carefully selected rich variety of seasonal ingredients at front of you will amaze you at first bite.

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Teppan Grill 銀杏(Icho) (11F)

Featuring the uniquely savory flavor of the highest quality Japanese wagyu beef, enjoy your dinner while watching the beautiful panoramic sky view and the chef's skillful cooking.

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We provide our buffet-style breakfast at The Brasserie which consists of Japanese and Western dishes prepared with domestically produced ingredients that have been chosen with a focus on safety and peace of mind so that we can please customers from anywhere.

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100% Japanese Ingredients

We hold pride that the vegetables used in all restaurants in Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport are 100% grown in Japan. (*1) We serve seasonal vegetables gathered throughout Japan, mainly in Senshu, our local area. (*1 Main vegetables used are 100% grown in Japan.)

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Special Restaurant Project - February 2018

We have been promoting ”Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki since 1st July 2017.
The chef has been personally pursuing and arranging ingredients and specialty food products related to each of the five holy lands mentioned in “Kinki’sGobosei” theory as a search for the stars. Please enjoy the journey of the circle of Gobosei through the food of each month throughout the year.

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Valuing the genuine tastes of ingredients

The management of Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport regularly visit and talk face-to-face with the producers to procure the meticulously selected ingredients in their best delivery condition. 

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