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Items specially selected by the hotel


“Osaka Ume Beef”, brand name Osaka beef

“Osaka Ume Beef” comes from Harano Ranch in Sakai City, Osaka.
In cooperation with Choya plum liquor company, “Ume Beef” cows are fed liquored plums which have been used to make plum liquor, and grow strong and healthy.
In addition to these special plums, all the raw ingredients fed to the cows are produced in Japan. The cows gradually grow bigger on a diet of barley, wheat,

rice, etc. at a slower pace than normal cows.
“Ume Beef” from cows that generously eat liquor plums with active plum extract ingredients, lacks a strong meaty odor and is tender, juicy, with a distinct

and elegant sweetness and beef flavor.

Restaurants offered Teppan Grill 銀杏(Icho) (11F)

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“Musoumaru” eggs from Kishiwada. Winner of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award two years in a row!

“Musoumaru” eggs from Kishiwada come from healthy young chickens fed special natural feed, raised with the great power of the wind, sun, and natural water.
The main raw ingredients of this special feed is non-genetically modified corn, and the original blend of feed containing fish powder from Hokkaido.
Moreover, the ingredient ratio is adjusted according to the season. This special care, health awareness, and good taste have been highly evaluated, earning

the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award two years in a row.

Restaurants offered The Brasserie (2F)

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airweave's Bedding Topper Has Arrived

Our FIRST Class rooms and Business Class rooms are equipped with "airweave" hyperdimension mattress pad to ensure higher-quality sleep during your stay. The airweave is supported by many top athletes and celebrities who are particular about better sleep. Adequate elasticity and excellent dispersion of body pressure provide you with top-quality sleep.

Easy to Turn Over
airweave's highly resilient material responds to your body and weight when you move. It allows you to turn over easily whilst sleeping and promotes a deeper sleep. airweave products are supported also by many top athletes who seek high-quality sleep to take good care of their bodies. They also provide a good sleep environment for the guests after a long journey and the guests having difficulties in getting good sleep outside.

Excellent Dispersion of Body Pressure
Three-dimensional, entwined resin fibers gently support your whole body from every direction and distribute your weight evenly when resting. This helps reduce physical strain and minimize pressure points, you feel more invigorated in the morning.

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Joint development by Osaka Towel Industrial Union and Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, the “Senshu Kodawari Towel”

Towels introduced at the hotel are literally the result of uncompromising production. Starting with the careful selection of the thread, followed by repeated

weaving and washing tests for over half year, this meticulously produced product demonstrates high absorbency and softness.
The thread used for these towels is made from specially selected extra-long staple cotton, taken especially near the root, from among one of top five cottons

in the world, the highest class of Egyptian cotton.
The finished towel will leave an overwhelming feeling of high quality.

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