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We Provide 100% Locally Grown Vegetables on Dishes

We hold pride that the vegetables used in all restaurants in Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport are 100% grown in Japan. (*1) We serve seasonal vegetables gathered throughout Japan, mainly in Senshu, our local area. (*1 Main vegetables used are 100% grown in Japan.)

The Senshu area where our hotel is located has rich soil which grows not only mizunasu (eggplants) and onions which are both well known in Japan, but also many varieties of good vegetables. For the past two years, we have been exploring ideas that we would like our guests from all over the world to enjoy the tastes of ingredients grown in the rich soil of the Senshu area, and feel connected to Senshu, Kansai, and also Japan by eating them. And now we have finally arrived at the two goals below.

The first goal is Shindofuni (身土不二), a Buddhist concept of the inseparability of body and land. Because the body is made from food and food is made from the land, we believe that eating local, seasonal ingredients that are just brought from the soil results in our awareness of the true deliciousness of foods. We develop our menus based on this concept, enhance partnerships with local farmers and gather the best vegetables per season. For vegetables that are difficult to gather due to seasonality or local farmer's availability, we actually visit as many farms in other regions of Japan as we can. We pursue the best seasonal vegetables grown across our country over the four seasons, brainstorming with farmers about creating dishes made with specially selected ingredients.

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Our second goal is Ichibutsuzentai (一物全体), meaning that we use the whole part of the ingredients. For vegetables, we try to cook all parts including roots, leaves, and stems and not to waste any.

From now on, we make it a goal to serve more and more reliably. We hope you enjoy our cuisines for this opportunity.

Kaneman-agri (かね万アグリ)

Mr. Matsunami at Kaneman-agri send us Romanesco (cauliflower). He is the cultivation leader of European vegetables and also the only farmer of this vegetable in Izumisano area.

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Kawasaki Farm (河崎農園)

Kawasaki farm sends us many kinds of pesticide-free vegetables which many of our chefs highly praise for their quality and safety.

Oku Farm (奥農園)

Oku farm in Wakayama prefecture send us Kudoyama strawberries (九度山苺). They use minimum pesticide until November, but totally excluded after seedlings are set out.

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