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“Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki

Sharing the culture and attractiveness of the Kinki Region

Special Restaurant Project
We have been promoting ”Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki since 1st July 2017.
The chef has been personally pursuing and arranging ingredients and specialty food products related to each of the five holy lands mentioned in “Kinki’sGobosei” theory as a search for the stars. Please enjoy the journey of the circle of Gobosei through the food of each month throughout the year.
What is the Five Holy Lands of Kinki?
They are five holy lands of gods - Ise Jingu, Kumano Hongu Taisha, Izanagi Jingu, Moto-Ise and Mt. Ibuki - scattered around the Kinki region. Drawing clear

lines connecting each of the five spots forms a star with Nara Heijo-kyo in the center and this concept is called Gobosei theory.

December MENU(2017)

The five holy lands KAISEKI “ISE”

Now we are back in the starting point—the first holy land, ISE—and a star of the Kinki’s
Great Gobosei has been completed. This month, we are serving the wild ANORIFUGU
tiger puffer which is called the king of winter delicacies. Normally, the puffers are
exclusively shipped to local Japanese-style hotels and restaurants authorized by
ABURINOFUGU Consociation; however we were able to receive them exceptionally
for this special course. Please enjoy this journey of food with premium IGA GYU beef.

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Small appetizer   Crab dressed with vinegared grated DAIKON radish cucumber and radish

SASHIMI  Three line grunt from TANABE-WAKAYAMA and sweet shrimp from
                 MIYAZU - KYOTO

Soup   Clear soup with Japanese tilefish from MIYAZU - KYOTO
            DAIKON radish, KYOUNINJIN carrot, green vegetable and YUZU lemon

Simmered dish   Home-grown vegetables: taro, pumpkin, turnip and haricots

Grilled dish   Tenderloin steak of IGA GYU beef from MIE

Warm dish   ISE ANORIFUGU tiger puffer steamed in a SAKE bottl
                     homemade PONZU soy sauce seasoned with NIIHIME lemon

Rice   Steamed red rice from TANGO ‒ KYOTO and MUSUBI-NO-KAMI rice
           Red MISO soup with rich sea lettuce from ISE
           ISE TAKUAN pickled DAIKON radish and pickled turnip greens

Dessert   Strawberry from NABARI - MIE


2F Hanazato

per person 9,000 yen
* The above fees include service charges and taxes.


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