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“Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki

Sharing the culture and attractiveness of the Kinki Region

Special Restaurant Project
We have been promoting ”Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki since 1st July 2017.
The chef has been personally pursuing and arranging ingredients and specialty food products related to each of the five holy lands mentioned in “Kinki’sGobosei” theory as a search for the stars. Please enjoy the journey of the circle of Gobosei through the food of each month throughout the year.
What is the Five Holy Lands of Kinki?
They are five holy lands of gods - Ise Jingu, Kumano Hongu Taisha, Izanagi Jingu, Moto-Ise and Mt. Ibuki - scattered around the Kinki region. Drawing clear

lines connecting each of the five spots forms a star with Nara Heijo-kyo in the center and this concept is called Gobosei theory.

September MENU(2017)

The five holy lands KAISEKI “IBUKI”

The third holy land of the “Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki is “Mt. Ibuki”
whose name is recorded in Kojiki. Please enjoy our KAISEKI course of September with
carefully selected ingredients from Shiga, where Mt. Ibuki is located, such as BIWA-MASU
trout?an endemic species of Lake Biwa, AYU sweetfish, new OMI-MAI rice named
“MIZU-KAGAMI” cultivated with consideration to the natural environment and its water, and
OMI-GYU beef raised without antibiotics to maximize each transmitting ability

  • HZT 9月 五節地会席「伊吹」 集合(煮物・焼物・揚物) 横 hanazato_006_1

Small bowl
Layered NARA-ZUKE pickles and cream cheese and fried jade ginkgo nuts

Exclusive UME-DAI red snapper from KISHU - WAKAYAMA and amberjack
with endive

YAMATO NIKU-DORI chicken white starched soup flavored with mugwort

Simmered dish
Duck from KISHU - WAKAYAMA, baby taros, haricots and WASABI

Grilled dish
Salt-grilled wild BIWA-MASU trout from Lake BIWA in SHIGA
Boiled green soybeans and ginger stem marinated in sweet vinegar

OMI-GYU beef from SHIGA, AYU sweetfish from Lake BIWA, water pepper,
SHIITAKE mushroom and lotus root

Steamed OMI-MAI rice “MIZUKAGAMI” from SHIGA
SETA SHIJIMI clam red MISO soup and pickles

Glutinous rice and walnuts dumpling sweet red bean jam inside


2F Hanazato

per person 8,000 yen
* The above fees include service charges and taxes.


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