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“Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki

Sharing the culture and attractiveness of the Kinki Region

Special Restaurant Project
“Food”Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki will start from 1st July,2017.
The chef has been personally pursuing and arranging ingredients and specialty food products related to each of the five holy lands mentioned in “Kinki’sGobosei” theory as a search for the stars. Please enjoy the journey of the circle of Gobosei through the food of each month throughout the year.
What is the Five Holy Lands of Kinki?
They are five holy lands of gods - Ise Jingu, Kumano Hongu Taisha, Izanagi Jingu, Moto-Ise and Mt. Ibuki - scattered around the Kinki region. Drawing clear

lines connecting each of the five spots forms a star with Nara Heijo-kyo in the center and this concept is called Gobosei theory.

The five holy lands KAISEKI “AWAJI”

Izanagijingu Shrine, the second holy land of the “Food” Tour in the Five Holy Lands of Kinki, is
located in Awaji Island where is recorded as the birthplace of Japan in Kojiki. In the KAISEKI
course of August, we offer ingredients nurtured in the rich nature of the island such as KUNUGIZA-GYU beef raised with original feed under strict hygiene control,
AWAJI TAMANEGI onions that are said to be with the best quality in Japan, and blueberries organically raised with pride in the security, safety and full maturity.

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Small bowl
Japanese blue crab from the local SENSHU area and green taro stem canapé with
TOSA-ZU vinegar bubble sauce ginger and vinegared MYOGA ginger

Thin-sliced exclusive UME-DAI red snapper from KISHU - WAKAYAMA
with freeze-dried soy sauce flakes and garnish

Cold clear AWAJI TAMANEGI onion soup with ONOKORO-SHIZUKU-SHIO salt
from AWAJI Island, KUDZU SOUMEN noodles, small rice cracker balls
and leaf of SANSHO pepper oil

Simmered dish
Octopus and black olives simmered in sweetened soy sauce, pumpkin and okra
leaf of SANSHO pepper

Sauteed dish
The finest AWAJI KUNUGIZA-GYU beef steak served with tea leaves braised
in sweetened soy sauce salad

Pike conger eel, cutlassfish and home-grown vegetables
(HIMO-TOHGARASHI pepper and oyster mushroom)

Cold noodles
Hand-stretched fine noodles made of wheat mixed WAKAME seaweed from
AWAJI Island Dried WAKAME seaweed and garnish

Fig and blueberries from AWAJI


2F Hanazato

per person 8,000 yen
* The above fees include service charges and taxes.


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